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I followed your link but it doesn't seem to have anything about your education. How much of a background do you have in agriculture or science?

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Why wouldn't it be? Sex is one of the strongest human drives, it's kind of why there are humans around at all. There are millions of years of evolution telling us to be intensely interested in reproduction.

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And I assume that frequently their number one priority when they get money is not paying the rent.

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Why do you think Cracked has done so well in the digital age compared to Mad which has seemed to have trouble staying afloat?

Is there any real connection between the old Cracked magazine and the website or is it just a name someone bought? Do any of the people or structure from the magazine days still exist as part of the web business?

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Instituted by George W. Bush, who gained nothing by doing it and got zero credit for it. Same with his AIDS initiative in Africa.