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  1. I've noticed that on some tv shows the vfx get better season after season. Obviously part of that is budget, but are you able to do things faster because you have a library of assets and looks already built up? How much can/do you reuse?

  2. How much creative freedom do you have an a show like Supernatural, or are the clients pretty specific?

  3. What is the turnaround time for individual episodes?

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Agreed. The big stuff is cool, but the sometime the simple stuff like eyes or a removal just feel great to do.

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A large part of my job is doing removals, and sometimes I've just had to scratch my head at some of the things the client wants, things the slipped through onset. Have you had to fix some crazy things?

Also, I'm generally a compositor in my work. Is it necessary to have skills in a 3D program if you want to be a professional compositor?