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God damnit offer to buy the man lunch and a beer!

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Or just don't measure yourself at all. If you eat healthy, feel healthy, and you can do physical activities without hurting yourself or becoming exhausted, it doesn't really matter what you weigh.

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I love the fact that when people asked whether Oprah's network would succeed, everyone, Oprah included, were like "of course it will succeed, it's Oprah," as if Oprah is literally a deity. I mean, it went beyond confidence, which is fine, and it was a level of arrogance that is unparallelled in our society. For this reason I'm thrilled that Oprah's network is tanking. And I think this guy will be better off for it.

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In fairness, Fat Head came after Super Size Me. I'm guessing that nobody until this film had asked to see his records. Since nobody was asking for them, he threw them out. Seems reasonable and does not have to be seen as some effort on Mr. Spurlock's part to deceive.

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It would be cool if he sang, "Mucho gusto, su llamo Bradley (his name is Bradley). He was hornier than Ron Jeremy."

Edit: The correct Spanish is "se llama Bradley" (his name is Bradley).

....Although maybe people would probably misunderstand and think he was saying "My name is Bradley."

*Edit: But maybe if he really enunciated this part, people would get it. *His name was Bradley....

I think this would be a really nice tribute.