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Dusty_Machine3 karma

First, I love Veep, probably my favourite show now airing, the best HBO has done since the Sopranos (Yes, I said that!), you and your character, Jonah are one of the most enjoyable parts of the show (one of A LOT).

Anyway, What do you think would be the reaction from Malcom Tucker (from The Thick of It) to Jonah? Any interesting insult? Or maybe they would get along? (Probably not)

Dusty_Machine2 karma

After seeing you in Inherent Vice you REALLY have to be in a Coen brothers movie.

Dusty_Machine1 karma

Coul you draw what a face looks like to you?

Dusty_Machine1 karma

Hahaha, that's troubling!

Anyway, thanks! Awesome Ama, I'm so pumped for Veep! Gonna do a re-watch this week.

Also, thanks for representing tall, wide hips men in TV!