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Thanks for remembering. I was given links to a variety of sources last time, and have followed up and read them all. This is also timely given David Cameron's comments about limiting encryption. I'm with Obama on this: we need a healthy regard for civil liberties when we discuss the internet.

There are various elements to this debate. I am right behind net neutrality as a foundation stone for the web. I am convinced that if communications are banned or deleted or regulated or controlled, then it will mererly drive illicit comms further underground.

It seems to me that decisions about accessing content should lie within a family and be taken by individuals rather than by governments. I am not happy with a situation where the UK is listed as an "Enemy of the Internet" by Reporters without Borders. We need to value freedom of the internet as we do freedom of the press.

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Isn't it creepy to think of a civil servant ploughing through porn to decide what's acceptable? Urrrr!

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It isn't the place of government to rule on what is acceptable. I thought we left that behind after John Mortimer and allies fought the "Lady Chatterley's Lover" case back in the 1960s.

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My degree is in physics. I know therefore that nuclear power can provide part of the short-term solution, though fusion holds out greater long-term potential than fission, with its concomitant risks. However our energy problems will be solved by more powerful solutions: demand reduction through technology, microgeneration, renewable sources and so on.

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Shake it all about! The EU has been in place during the longest period of peace in Europe's history and I don't think that is a coincidence. In a global economy with big players like USA, China and India, we need UK in the EU to strengthen the voice and bargaining power of both. EU is a bulwark for liberal democracy. But it needs to devolve decisions to nations and below where appropriate, and be more accountable and democratic.