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So how is the power physically delivered? Can you generate electricity and send it out into the grid, and if so how does it arrive at it's intended destination?

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I saw a group doing that at the bass fish game when I was a D&B wayyyy back when. They were taking turns I just stood in awe until an employee came by and shut it down and they scrambled off. Didn't get kicked out though that I remember.

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Love this story. Not to different from my own. Lucked into a sell-side role, but turned down the opportunity to make senior analyst at 25 and more relaxed role in the industry instead though. Mountain biking became a huge part of my life and a bit more important than chasing the almighty dollar. By the sound of it we had some coverage overlap as well!

Love the story and love board games, but don't have as big a crew since moving to get playing.

I have to say though, I miss the action and being in the flow within coverage. Something about being an industry expert and have an informed opinion on niche industries and getting to debate with some sharp people is almost a game itself.

Is that something you miss at all since leaving?

(I'm still young and early in my career. Would love to connect if that's possible!)

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Congrats on meeting the goal, I'll be picking up a game for my next family game night once we all get together.

I'll ask this here - Why go the kickstarter route? Tough fundraising environment for non-digital gaming?