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Did early man have regional differences in culture, appearance, technology like we do today? Also when is the first evidence of spirituallity or proto-religion?

Also i strongly suggest you see the movie "the man from earth". Its about a guy who says hes an immortal cromagnon man whos been alive 14000 years and has witnessed all of human history and its advance as well as the changes in the natural world (floods, old forests, etc.) most of the movie is in this guys living room and is a thought experiment presented as a discussion between professor friends of varying fields of expertise trying to disprove his claim based on debate with him and among themselves. Great film.

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So did they have tribes or being nomadic did they just behave as one peoples?

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Any non-religiously affiliated research on the damaging affects of porn and porn addiction/conditioning in young males and/or effects on relationships?

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Is cockfighting still a thing in any parts of the USA?