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Would you please post some pictures of your horror movie collection at /r/dvdcollection when you get the time?

We saw a quick glimpse of it in that one episode of MTV Crips, and it looked quite extensive (and sexy), so we would love to get a closer view!

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Will we be seeing the Linux ports of Serious Sam TFE, TSE and II on Steam (or in the bundle)?

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I don't really have a question as such. I just wanted to say that I loved the first episode of Dysfunctional Systems and have been waiting impatiently for the next episodes. It's such a shame that you had to shorten the game to 3 episodes though, I was really looking forward to a long and complex plot, but hopefully that will still happen nonetheless!

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What are your suggestions for long-term preservation of Usenet posts? I work with the Royal Library which already do web archival, but would really like to make sure we also properly preserve Danish Usenet posts. Who should I contact?

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On a related note. The word "island" is just "ΓΈ" in Danish.