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The must is a must upon return from battle. War zone to war zone. Take me away to the odorous place, where I'll wither and slay, to the depths I'll go shall I intend to stay.

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7-14 grams

Are you sure you are getting the weight right? That is nearly a half-ounce on the heavier side which is a supremely heavy dose of medical care proportions or really non-active muschrooms.

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On some level we are getting conditioned and simply need to step back and realize. I mean, you are never going to find Alexa in my house, at least, not the round speaker phone you talk into. Just goes to show the apathy of sacrificing personal freedom for convenience.

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But now, middle school content set in the early aughts is popping up everywhere.

We probably can thank Bo for all this, maybe?

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It's called a downplay..to be more relatable ITT. A 15yr, cushy, corporate job in the Bay Area def pay more, double in fact given the adjectives he used. I think he's been exposed quite clearly.