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We are idiots.

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Because everyone can change if they try. The judge who gave me my son because he saw I was honest with who I was and who I am and his mother wasn't as forthcoming.

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I think it's acurate. You become a shell of who you were and you do really fucked up shit. Other than that idk, I wasn't a superlab.

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Best story comes from a bunch of us haning out out in the woods drinking and doing speed at a campfire. There were some tiki torches placed strategically around the outer perimeter of the circle. Well we were using coleman fluid as the accelerant. As everyone knows, the tops of tiki torches aren't put on all that tightly. Well a friend, Mike gets up to stumble off to piss as he moves past he bumps into the lamp knocking it over. So he bends over to pick it up and for some reason pops the lid off, (I guess to see if any spilled) My other friend Brad, trying to be helpful pulls out a lighter to hold above it to see how much fluid may have dumped. It is dark and you can't see very well. Well, when he strikes the flint on his lighter (above an open cup of what is basicaly gasoline) hillarity ensues. All at once a large fireball puffs up out of the cup that mike is holding. This not only sets his hair on fire it causes him to throw the cup...right at Brad who had just hit the lighter to see how much gas was in the cup. well this sets Brad aflame. Mike stumbles backwards, slapping at his burning hair trips and falls over the log he was sitting on. Meanwhile the front of Brads shirt is alight. he starts trying to pat the flame out but he's basically fanning the flames and they start creeping up his shirt. Thankfully I have a beer in my hand and decide smell be damned, I am going to put my friend out. I put my thumb over the bottle top and shakeand douse Brad with my beer. Greg (another friend who was with us took his shirt off and wrapped it around Mikes head. When Mike stands back up, head smoldering, most of his hair is missing (we were all hippies with long hair at the time) on the top of his head, including his eyebrows and moustache. His goatee was remakably unharmed in the process.