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I'm 25 and have not been to many strip clubs but the one I went to most recently seemed to not only allow, but openly encourage you to touch the girls. It didn't seem like a super shady place but "my" dancer repeatedly placed my hands on her T&A. At one point even seemed to dare me to...insert a finger... (Which I did not do) Nothing further happened but in your experience, is this common?

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I am a corrections officer and we are people too. Most of us realize people make mistakes and that the system is broken. We are here for the paycheck and, at least for me, it's not our place to punish the inmates. Think of it like a community. Give respect to get it. Some people let the badge go to their head but I am a man first and foremost.

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I'm a corrections officer and I have googled more championship teams/MVPS than anything else.

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The biggest argument that my wife and I have ever gotten into, started with season one of Bob's burgers. She thought Eugene was voiced by Patton Oswalt. Do you get that a lot?