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I have learned that major mental stress is a big trigger for me and the only thing that really helps is being open, journaling, and meditation. It helps almost instantly every time I start to get that “tingly” feeling. You are not alone!

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Hey Janelle, thanks so much for doing this. I appreciate you.

So my question is about the use of Valacyclovir for GH. Note: you may not be able to answer this do to medical laws. My doctor told me to take the medication when I feel an outbreak coming. But I have had other friends who never get outbreaks say they take it non-stop. Are both methods legit?

Also, if I am in a situation where I may be sexually active, should I take the medication as a preventative?

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Awesome, awesome, awesome! You made a lot of sense with your retort. I do have fewer outbreaks and mine are mainly caused by stress which I know how to decrease and avoid outbreaks. This was super beneficial to me and hope to others. Thanks for the info on the new product, I’ll check it out.

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Hey Eddie are you a fucking doughnut? Ciao!!!!

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Purple mattress is a shit company that likes to push people around when they identify toxins in their manufacturing process.