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I was curious. What time dilation did the astronauts experience while up there? Did anyone bring an accurate digital watch to see if they might be able to measure a difference from one at home (Earth)?

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How much of an impact will Trumps money be on his presidency? Assuming he's elected, I imagine he will be one of the wealthiest presidents in the last few cycles. Could he use any of his wealth to fund projects of his?

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That's really fascinating! Thank you for the response! I'm saving this for a friend!

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I am new to electrical work/mechanical engineering and I have no idea how you guys create such beautiful prototypes/models. My CAD capabilities are not too bad, but I don't have a lot of resources. How do you guys make the majority of your prototypes? Are they expensive?

Good luck to you guys!

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I appreciate your ethical approach to the Panama Papers, but how do you decide what information to expose? As a journalist, your ultimate goal is the truth, right? So, how do you navigate the truth while also hiding personal information?