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Eifel around Christmas Eve was probably the midst of the Battle of the Bulge during the Allied counter-offensive.

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What are New Horizon's post-Pluto travel plans? Have you found any nice Kuiper Belt Objects to visit?

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Hi John. I've heard you speak about the QI fact-finding process of going through books and literature looking for interesting nuggets of trivia. But can you tell me how you validate the source? Also; how many times have you got it wrong, and can you give some examples?

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Long-distance cyclists don't need muscular, powerful legs, but slim builds and good stamina. Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggin's legs, for example, look like he might be blown away by a light breeze.

It's track cyclists, who need power to sprint at 50mph for seconds to minutes at a time, tend to have bulky thighs and calves.

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Whenever somebody says... "The Mongols" I immediately get the trumpet sound and/or image of someone being dragged through the dust behind a horse. DAMN YOU JOHN GREEN.