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What is your favorite book from that giant shelf behind you in that picture?

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What's your best response to people who condemn your work as "fake news"?

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Fuck you guys you still owe me money from that

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Hey Steve- any chance you guys pick up a Call of Duty roster? The scene has never been in better shape!

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Hi! I have an annoying habit of asking a lot of questions, so bear with me!

  1. What's your favorite food?
  2. What was the biggest culture shock besides language when moving to Britain?
  3. What was your feelings towards the Nazi demonstrations at Charlottesville?
  4. What was the closest call you had while escaping?
  5. What hobbies do you have as a 97 year old?
  6. What tips do you have to longevity?
  7. What was the coolest memory you have from serving in WW2?
  8. What is one lesson you hope people learn from the Holocaust and WW2?
  9. If you could eliminate one injustice from the world, what would it be?
  10. What is one area that you feel needs to be focused on in school?
  11. What wisdom do you have for young adults today?
  12. What is the favorite place you have traveled?

Thanks for your service in WW2, thanks for answering, and best of luck in the future?