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In the event of a full-blown zombie apocalypse what weapon would you want to have the most, and what sidekick/partner would you want to have to back you up as you try to survive?


if you can turn into any animal at will (and back again) what would you pick and why?

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Kirby's Epic Yarn? Sleepytime Grumps!

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Robert Kirkman writes The Walking Dead

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I mean...he wrote the comics the show is based on o.o

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OMG I remember these!

I don't have anything to ask right now...

umm do you like fighting games? if so which ones? Characters? Favourite print comics? Genre? Superhero/Cape-and-Cowl? Characters?
What do you think of ROber Kirkman?
What is your favourite movie? TV series? Cartoon?
What is your favourite childhood toy?