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Please delete this gold mine of a post immediately and send me a PM, you goddamn genius!

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I don't know why you were downvoted.. This is actually very true! As a merchant I fucking hate Paypal. They will refund almost ANYTHING

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Ok, good idea.. I will try to have something written by tonight and link to in the main post as an Edit.

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Yes! I wish I had never bought ads or PPC from anyone besides Google and Bing.

When I started out, I tried EVERYTHING.. Yahoo, Shopping engines, Banner Ads, buying email lists, countless bullshit.. Nothing ever converted besides targeted niche PPC terms from Google and Bing.

Also.. Do not ever drop ship from China.. USA wholesalers only, or else the long shipping time and no returns will kill you quick.

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I find suppliers who warehouse and ship high margin products "blind" which means it has my company label on it.. Then I market the products on my own niche websites. Every time someone places on order on my sites, the supplier ships it to the customer for me.

For example.. I'll sell a TV for $999 and the supplier will charge me $450. So I make $549 profit without any work besides running the website.