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It actually makes both of you smarter as well because our minds work up to 31% better when we are in a good frame of mind.

And the bullshit stat of the day goes to...

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I'm Israeli and I really want to know... What were you thinking when you set up the whole Turkish chair incident? What made you feel like you could gain from planning such a childish picture? Who and what was the target there?

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Here's a recent video of a translator's slip up in the UN:


Nine resolutions on Israel vs. 0 on the rest of the world. All of this while of course there are unbelievable human rights violations in China, Russia, Iran and many other places. Obviously something is not right with this.

Why? I'm not sure. It's been going on for a while already (couple of decades at least), and I would really like to know what is the reasoning behind this.

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As an Israeli.. you cannot offend us. We are probably the most direct and easygoing people there is. Ask away, nothing will be considered rude by a real Israeli.

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Being Jewish does not give you any special privilege in judging Israel. If you were to come and live here, and face the reality that Israelis are living in, then you would get a say. Try to live under the threat of rockets and bombings, try to send your firstborn to the army at 18, try to face all of the lies propagated daily about what's going on.