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I did...

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Honestly, neither. Drink a Dasani and do yourself a favor.

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Here's the deal. As a driver, I work with Pepsi, Budweiser, and Miller guys more than I work with Coke staff. We do everything we can to make each other's job more easy. We are always friendly an courteous to each other. In a weird way, competitor drivers are more of our friends than the guys we drive out with every morning.

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Vanilla coke is alive and well in my market. We even offer a zero calorie version. Vanilla Coke Zero is the shit. I wish fewer people would buy it so I could have the out of dates.

Edit: one letter do->so

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Best thing: I know I'll never be w/o a job.

Worst thing: People asking for free samples.

Edit: I was drunk when I wrote that. In all seriousness, the worst part off the job is dealing with customers who are difficult for no other reason than that they can be.