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It does, as does Lilydale.

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I was at turn 3 where Lee got past, with a lot of Holden supporters (All in HRT gear mostly). The chear the came from then we Lee got through was like no other. The pass looked more impressive in real life than the replays showed thats for sure.

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Hey Lee, Been a fan of yours since the GRM days, your one of the drivers in the field who doesn't need to push people of the track to pass them. Not naming any names of course. Seeing you and Craig Baird back together is awesome, hopefully you can one better then Sandown effort from last year.

This question is a bit different, but when you got broken into, why did you have a baseball bat, and not a cricket bat? Just confused me slightly!

Have a good one mate, take a leaf out of Scotty's book and give it some jandal!!!

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No infinite refills.

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The girl from La Trobe with the tea cossie hat?