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You've mentioned Munchausen by Proxy a couple times already. Do you believe there may be a personality type common among doctors that lead them to that profession and also seems to exhibit itself in that disorder?

Alternatively, do you think a God Complex is more common among doctors and people who pursue that field because of its nature?

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Did you experience anything creepy, seemingly paranormal, or just plain unexplainable during the trip?

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I've heard that rising sea temperatures (largely due to climate change) are causing large jellyfish blooms and squid populations to rise. It is also my understanding that squid and jellyfish are a significant portion of some sea turtles diets. Are sea turtles benefiting from the more abundant food sources? Has there been research on this or is it too recent of a phenomenon? I am hoping this is one of the few positive changes that may come about from global warming.

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Were there any instances you found where it appeared doctors may have killed on the request of a patient, like euthanasia, or did any doctors or families of victims claim that was the case ever?

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Thank you very much! It must be incredibly difficult to assess population of such long-lived animals with such a large territory accurately. I wish you and the turtles the best luck in the future.