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Did you experience anything creepy, seemingly paranormal, or just plain unexplainable during the trip?

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I've heard that rising sea temperatures (largely due to climate change) are causing large jellyfish blooms and squid populations to rise. It is also my understanding that squid and jellyfish are a significant portion of some sea turtles diets. Are sea turtles benefiting from the more abundant food sources? Has there been research on this or is it too recent of a phenomenon? I am hoping this is one of the few positive changes that may come about from global warming.

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Thank you very much! It must be incredibly difficult to assess population of such long-lived animals with such a large territory accurately. I wish you and the turtles the best luck in the future.

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Yes, I don't doubt you have. Just because women are harassed and are the focus of this study doesn't mean no one cares about men. It just means it wasn't focused on in this study.

If your first thought is "this study is dumb or sexist because it didn't address men's experiences," you're using the same argument as "all lives matter." Although true, you're missing the point.

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Was the flame thrower invented by one guy or a team? I want to know who thought to themselves, "I'd like to set those dudes on fire, but I don't want to walk all the way over there to do it. There must be some way I can just throw the flame at them."

Also any new flamethrower breakthroughs since its use had been out of favour?