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Hell. I'd hire him.

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Hey Bill,

I see that you and Melinda have been a huge advocate and supporter of birth control for women.

I keep thinking how this would also be right up your alley and would make you responsible for some serious reform in the United States as well as other countries.

It's called Vasalgel. It's basically a shot that gives a temporary vasectomy for 10 years. It's reversible by another shot within 1-3 months. And every trial has been 100% effective!


The reason it hasn't been brought to the US yet; no one can make much money off of it. It's too inexpensive. And few people are willing to support things from the kindness of their hearts.

But it gives males a right to choose. It makes it so poor people can afford their birth control. And it relieves women of relying on a method that completely changes their hormones.

Please help get behind this.

Edit: He needs to see this. I even PM'ed him about this a couple days ago

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Especially involving people like Jose Conseco

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I'll second this. Sometimes a bad trip is an avenue to awareness. I've had the worst hell induced, and then find out the hell is from my own demons.

Sometimes you need to take your demons head on to rewrite the script