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Hell yeah it does, and also, think of this: everyone you know is a criminal, you likely are part of some organization, your money and possessions were likely all taken by police or by junkies once they knew you got locked up. If you don’t have family, what do you do? You get out and probably bounce to a weekly meth motel, where it’s literally like impossible to not get caught up in the life. Your entire community, your social partners, your culture, any source of warmth or kindness, all those things are tied to the “bad” lifestyle. you suddenly get dropped out of the sky at your lowest point, alone and told to go build a life somehow. It’s extremely hard to find yourself in that situation and somehow build a life that you struggled to make when you were at your best and had no record. Now your a felon with nothing and anyone who you trust or like are likely felons/criminals as well.

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Classic. Lady comes to do an AMA about her expertise on labeling people anti-semites, but like a coward she avoids any question that isn't a softball, she refuses to acknowledge and discuss some of her controversial and inflammatory claims/ideas, and basically just comes to shill for Israel and muddy the waters with whataboutisms and branding anyone questioning Israel as anti-Jew. How's it feel to be a professor and be so intellectually fragile that you can't even discuss and defend your ideas? You literally just avoid anything stimulating and answered softball bullshit questions with equally bullshit assertions.

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This is what I tell people every single day. People who aren’t addicts want to believe they are just stronger/better people than addicts and that addicts did it to themselves/should have been stronger and they could never be addicts themselves. Spoiler alert: no addict on earth started out thinking they would become an addict. No one. So when a “better” person and a friend take a line, neither one thinks they’re risking everything. They both say “addiction happens to them, not me”?

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I work the craziest job ever, security at a homeless shelter for a massive organization. I have called the cops on hundreds of homeless people, and I only call when it’s too much for me and my crew to handle, which means it’s something totally fucking insane. Haha. I have also helped more people than I count, and if I start going into that part of the work I will eventually start crying, but yeah, just didn’t want this comment to seem like I was a bully.

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So? That sentence, the 6 months one, even that surprises me. I have personally called on homeless people who then were caught by police when they arrived with over a gram of meth, a gram of heroin, weed, a pipe for meth and a pipe for weed, and rigs to shoot up, while also being arrested for trespassing and then two days later I see them on the street. Drug charges, unless you’re a chronic offender, you can just go to drug court or plea them out. Dealing is different and his charge would be federal so 6 months really is not surprising in any way other than they didn’t give him an out, especially as a rich dude. You should have cried, talked about how it wasn’t your fault and you want help and can change, and then taken drug court and done that.