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Dressedw1ngs41 karma

Battlefront also doesn't feel like battlefront.

That Darth maul Gif that was on the front page did look like a next gen "Jedi knight" looking game.

Love to know more about where you were going with the game

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Any plans for a Google play release? Is it possible?

Dressedw1ngs6 karma

I'd love to try it but both my tablet and phone are android.

Also would love to support someone so local, hello from the GTA!

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How strict is it? In Canada we have licensing and arbitrary bans on specific guns, and sometimes it seems effective and sometimes not.

Usually criminals just get gunrunners to get their guns from the US. So I don't get most of the arbitrary bans.

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Israel is also surrounded by people that hate its very existence, the other issue with the states is that no one really wants to talk about why all these 20yr olds would want to shoot up schools. The stigma seems to be going away but its still very present in a lot of places.

But like I said gun control here in Canada has so far been for the better but if someone's shooting people it usually not with guns owned by a Canadian at some point.

Your input was definitely interesting however, and Im always curious about other countries gun laws.