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Just posting to say I love google street view.

3 weeks a dude t-boned my car, gave me his name and what turned out to be a fake phone number and drove off.

We took a photo of his car though. His rather distinctive name quickly narrowed the search for him down to one city in the UK, and a postcode of a business he owned.

Streetview, bam there was the car. Obv reg plate was blacked out, but he had same make, model, same hub caps, same furry dice on the rvm.

Forwarded it onto insurance company and it sped up the process of tracking him down.

The fact that he left without leaving proper insurance details really counted against him later on when it came to apportioning blame.

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Just realised after reading your comment that this was't a reference to an Apple product of some sort.

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A more honest answer is it will vary hugely.

As you get more experienced you get paid more, and currently at least you get paid more per hour if a certain proportion of your hours are deemed unsocial/how many hours you work.

The basic starting salary with no out of hours work is around 22k. One could earn up to 50% more per month for either 4, 8 or 12 months depending on the combination of placements worked.

So a newly qualified doc will get between 22 and roughly 33k . for the top range that would mean a while year of regular nights and weekends.

It scales up as you progress, getting around 40k as the basic rate for a junior level registrar.

The changes to this system with the new contract are numerous and complex

The basic rate is going up by 13.5%, but what hours you can work that still constitutes basic rates is vastly increased, which amounts to a net pay decrease for many posts.

This pay decrease is covered by what they are calling pay protection, which pays you a top up if under the new system you would earn less than previously, but is only eligible to those already working - hence new doctors started do not qualify, and those moving to new posts do not qualify.

So it is likely that we all get a small pay increase anyway, as happens currently in line with experience, but less than would be granted under old contract. The government can this rightly say most of us get a pay increase, but explaining how this is a misleading statement is quite long winded.

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I remember years ago I had a phone, in my pocket, locked.

I eventually hear some kind of message through it along the lines of 'you have called for emergency aid. please state the emergency or hang up', in a robotic voice. I hung up, and saw the call had been going on for 15 minutes.

Perplexed, I lock my phone and try to dial 999, and blow me it worked. Plus if I pressed 9, then mashed the other buttons, nothing happened but the 9 remained 'pressed', so I could eventually press '9' again and again even with the random button mashing and then hit dial and it would call through.

Then I tried to see how long it would keep this 'single' 9 dialed in, by pressing it, then leaving the phone on my desk and it just sat there waiting for the next 2 digits for an hour without wiping it or anything.

In summary, my phone was designed to ring 999 whilst in my pocket and just being jiggled around against my wallet/keys/loose change whatever and there really wasn't much I could do about it. It wasn't a smart phone, just a slidy thing, I think a samsung with a big square smooth button in the middle.

I'd have felt very aggrieved to receive a fine for that, when my phone seemed hell bent on calling the police without me wanting it to.

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I love this so much