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It has big lips.

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How do we stop the free enterprise from conspiring and not competing against each other? What we see how is companies avoiding each other in order not to have competition.

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Its on reddit and he is a democrat trying to beat a top republican. They are upvoting while touching themselves seductively.

*They ask his stance on things and gay marriage is the firs thing listed. Typical dem with a one track mind. Hot bag of air indeed.

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First off let me say, I love your addon.

There is only one thing that bothers me about it and maybe I just can't find the option to fix it. Since I have installed your addon, the ticker will randomly jump up to previous posts when I try to highlight something in it. It is extremely annoying and I was wondering if you were aware of this or if there is an option to fix it. I use Firefox and would love a fix! Can you help me out?

Also: Is there anyway to block out peoples stupid picture posts? I don't mind seeing pictures that they have uploaded through their camera, but the memes and sayings have got to stop! Is there a way to filter these out?

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Hey, really nothing to ask you. I quit cold turkey many moons ago... unfortunately I was never able to get my mother, a smoker for 40 years to quit with me. She wouldn't even humor us about considering it.

I want to just thank you for a product that gives nicotine addicts an alternative to tobacco. My mother uses Blu only now. I don't know the side effects of the product but I can't imagine it being worse or even equal to the cigarettes. Anyways, Thank you.