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Just to get it out of the way, Lollapalooza, the Charter One Pavilion Show, and then the Goodbye show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago are three of my favorite shows I've ever been to: calculated, succinct, and powerful. I consider them pivotal moments in my own musical history. So, here are my questions:

  1. What do you see as the pitfall of modern live shows and what would you improve on your own?

  2. Your scoring on the Social Network is obviously beyond exemplary. What did you do differently going about it compared to putting together an album or ep?

  3. You left the record industry and then came back, with what I see as legitimate reasons on both ends. Do you think a compromise is possible with the industry where you're leaving wouldn't have been necessitated in the first place?

  4. The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust was a sort of success and failure at the same time, your own endeavor in that manner being much more successful purely from the range of your own fanbase. Now that you've learned from that experience, what would you have done differently in both cases?

The video where you have the Spinal Tap Stonehenge come down and Fink collapsing from laughing while techies dance around it is one of my favorite live moments I've found.

To close it off, thank you for the highs, the lows, and everything in-between, and reading a pig's ramblings. Your music pulled me up from the deepest depths, for that I really can't thank you enough, and it stands today as my favorite tracks to turn on any day of the week.

Hope to be looking up at ya again one day soon

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In other words: do it. People want to watch something they can relate to

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so you go to UIUC?

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You were one of my favorite models when I was younger. Still are. So I'm happy just saying hi and getting an acknowledgement. But while I'm here, what's the most fun you've had at a shoot?

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Sing the Sorrow was the first album I ever purchased. I struggled with depression throughout high school and college and your music was something I could always escape to. Can't begin to thank you guys enough for that. I consider Sails to be the quintessential punk album.

Jade, you're the reason I shred today. The solo in Dancing Through Sunday is one of my favorites, and when I saw you shred it in Chicago without so much as a second thought I knew I picked the right man to idolize for my musical career, so thanks for that.

Question I guess, right? Jade, what's your favorite song to play live?