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DrefromtheD81 karma

What really happens between the male and female narrator in "Personal"? Do they ever meet? Does the guy see her and then chickens out? If so, why? I have dreamt up multiple scenarios in my head about what goes down, but I still can't figure it out. Please HELP a super fan out here!

DrefromtheD1 karma

When you play your show in Detroit on November 22, will you please play "You Ex-Lover is Dead"? My best friend and I both got lyrics to that song tattooed on our arms recently.

On another note: Stars...your music has been my anchor since 2005 and I will be forever grateful. Torq, you are the most captivating performer I have ever seen. I was right up against the stage for your private show in Mercury Lounge in NYC in the fall of 2012 (you guys played it directly following your show at Webster Hall); it will be a show I will never forget.

Thank you for being you.