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how the hell do you time for all that shit?

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I'm a season behind... is Phrasing back in now?

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"bullet proof" is only bullet proof until it isn't. Most bullet proof armor is based on what it is rated to stop, and in most cases it is a compromise between weight and protection. The trucks are insured, and gas is money, so it is unlikely they are using more then 1/2 inch plate, as they would get CRAZY heavy very quickly.

the difference in AR style rifles adn rounds, and what it will do to your vehicle, are massive

If you can tell the difference between a .223/5.56 AR, which is going to be stopped by most armor plating, and an AR10 style platform with 308 or larger armor piercing rounds which can go through 3/4" steel plating are pretty much impossible to spot... but you will figure out pretty quick when your glass starts exploding inwards, or the rounds just go through the metal.

TL:DR - Bullets go through a lot of shit, Armored trucks aren't bullet proof, just like your phone isn't water proof.

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keep driving, this is the exact same as for anyone else in any car.

Car's aren't bullet proof... like at all. you can't "hide behind the door" to not get shot. Someone points an AR at you, assume they mean to kill you, and you will literally be protected under every state law related to self defense...

ps: if its a stick that you think is an AR, you are probably fucked.

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Yeah whole different world of pain there. they are exempt from a ton of plans and programs that Congress implements to help people. They are great if everything is going well, if it starts going poorly you are in trouble

They are able to shift unpaid balances, debit directly from accounts in the event of unpaid loans payments, refuse to work with you on mortgages, they can even refuse your ability to refinance... Credit unions aren't the cure for everything