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lunahrs mentioned, mostly because of traumatic experiences.

When I was 15 I went through some really messed up stuff.

Ended up with half my face torn open kind of stuff.

Most of my memory fell prey to traumatic induced amnesia, but I still got "flashbacks"

For a normal visualizer, PTSD is a pretty scary thing. But for me, it wasn't so bad. I say "flashbacks" in quotes because they went really FBs, sure, they were me remembering the events, but it was just me remembering details. I never had to experience the imagery part, and from what I can tell, thats the hard part.

I now work in the emergency services (among other things) and not being able to re-live events has been a blessing for me. Ive spoken to a lot of paramedics, and when asked what they find to be the hardest part of the job, they say it is when they go home after a really tough job and try to fall asleep. They see the faces of the casualties, they get flashes of the trauma, they hear screams.

But for me, I can see whatever is in front of me, but as soon as I look away, that is the last time I ever have to see that horrible scene.

Sure, I cant picture my mothers face, and ill never be able to experience a book the way others do, But I get to go home after a bad day of blood and tears, and I can close my eyes, see nothing but the blackness, and fall right asleep.

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I have very vivid and lucid dreams.

Dreams use a different mechanism in the brain then visualizations.

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Im glad I showed you a different angle

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No, not in that sense.

I would be able to tell you things like the color of the car, how the guy was sitting, stuff like that, facts.

But I wouldn't be remembering it by visualizing, I would have automatically remembered facts about the picture when I saw it.

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My brain has also overcompensated in some areas to make up for my lack of visualization.

My spacial awareness is very very good, and I remember things in facts, so I take in more information than some visualizers. If I watch something happen, my brain is automatically cataloging and remembering facts about what im seeing. Who is wearing what, how people are standing, the time of each and every event, everything goes into a factual memory. Sure, day to day I forget most of everything I see, just like everyone else, but when the time comes that I need to remember exactly what I'm looking at because im going to have to recall it to the coroner later, having a factual memory is usualy better then a visual one.