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In Hearthstone, each card costs a certain amount of mana to play it, and you gain 1 extra mana each turn (turn 1 you have 1 mana, turn 2 you have 2 mana, etc.). There are exceptions, but we'll ignore that for simplicity.

Flamestrike (costs 7 mana to play) is an extremely powerful Mage card that deals 4 damage to all enemy minions, which is usually enough to kill most of the opponent's minions.

"Pinging" in Hearthstone generally means doing 1 damage to something. This also costs mana (usually 2 mana if we're talking about Mage)

The guy above you is suggesting that on turn 6, if you ping (deal 1 damage to) a minion with 5 health to bring it to 4, you're telegraphing that you will play Flamestrike on turn 7 (the first turn you have enough mana to play Flamestrike) so it will kill the minion instead of leaving it alive with 1 health.

Your opponent will usually recognize this, since Flamestrike is used in so many decks, and they will usually be forced to "play around" the fact that they will get Flamestriked next turn. This usually results in a positive for the player holding (or pretending to hold) Flamestrike.

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As someone pulling for the Oilers in 2006... fuck you kindly.

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Mfw people don't understand this is a joke.

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That's really cool that you talk to the high score people to see how they're breaking your game ;)