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DragonsLoooveTacos3 karma

I am a financial counselor at a non profit and I am stoked to learn about this website! I can't wait til I get back from my winter break and play around with this site to see if it meets my organization's criteria to be able to pass it along as a potential resource for my clients to use to further develop their budgets to align with their financial goals since we don't have an in-house budget tool to provide. I've read through your answers and see you don't sell user data which is a plus. I am always looking for free resources to pass along to my client base since many of them are already trying to get out of situations where they have a monthly deficit and adding additional subscription costs from the start doesn't usually help them because there's a good change they won't commit to it yet still pay. A fremium site is always ideal for this reason.

One thing I'm curious about is how much of your revenue comes from ads embedded within your website or any sponsored content/referrals to sponsors where you get a kickback for new signups for the sponsor? That's always a huge concern and often the deciding factor in whether I can pass the information along to my clients.

On a personal level, taking off my financial counselor hat, I intend to share this website with my friends and family.