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Do you have other siblings who are right handed? If not could just be that your father and mother's genes make left handed kids when combined?

Or was there really a disclaimer on the medicine? Warning: This medicine causes Southpawism.

P.S. greetings from another leftie.

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Hey, come on now. At 27 you are still at the beginning of your path in life. I just turned 40 and I can say I still am constantly discovering new things about me and the world.

I can understand what you are going through. At 27 I felt pretty much like you do.

My life basically started in my early 30's. That's when I finally just let go of whatever was holding me back and I came out of my shell. I just started to care less about shit, and I let go of too much introspection and it was liberating. And the great thing is that it wasn't a conscious decision, but rather something that happened naturally, so this change in me and how I am in the world is something inside of me, not a thing I need to work at constantly.

It will happen to you too, believe me.

And seriously, you'll experience a lot of new things. You are only a few years into adulthood. You ain't seen nothing yet. My biggest tip is the following: don't go actively searching for new things or experiences BUT when opportunities come around, grab them. Once you stop searching, you'll finally start to find.

And when it comes to understanding people, don't try to. Just accept them for what they are, weed out the ones you don't like and go with the flow.

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It's more likely that the Taliban are seen as the way to peace and security to them, especially for the Pashtuns. They can either chose to be ruled by warlords who will keep the country will be in a continuous state of war, or being ruled religious clerics who will unify the country and have some kind or rule of law. They will most likely chose the latter, especially since in their eyes having sharia law is not a bad thing, it's the kind of law that is indemic to that region.

The northern part, with different ethnicities and cultures, might view things differently so my guess is that there will be 2 Afganistans, in a continuous low level civil war with each other.

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Thank you for what you do, today and all other days.

Would the fire department in West be expected to have enough equipment to tackle a major fire like that by itself? Or is it so small to have all the equipment and is normal procedure to have other fire departments join it?

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That's kinda what Belgium does. The government set max prices for procedures etc. and the hospitals are free to compete within those bounds.