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pH is a logarithmic scale, so it sounds less dramatic than it is. Between the 1750s and the 1990s, it is thought the ocean pH dropped from 8.25 to 8.14.

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Question for Austan- over the past few years you have developed a significant cult following on the internet, in no small part due to your witty responses to the IGM Economics Expert panel surveys. Has this been at all strange for you?

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Demanding that shops and restaurants and schools cater to their needs which include overhauling them and introducing halal meat, even in schools.

Halal meat doesn't affect non-Muslims though. Is this any different to asking for vegetarian options, or gluten-free options, dairy-free options, Kosher options?

Brining up the crime rate in areas they move into, making it very unsafe for young women to walk around in as they are often targets for being groomed.

Immigrants are no more likely to commit crimes than non-migrants.

They built many religious buildings which are often funded by saudis, they don't even need that many but keep building them anyway.


Now why don't you tell me what positive experiences you have had with them? and pls don't make stuff up.

I have several friends who are migrants from the Middle East who I'm lucky to know, lots of local shops are ran by migrants, I've played football with migrants, I make money from them. They never harass me on the streets.

It seems to me that your complaints are not about Middle Easterners, but rather Muslims. Most Muslims in Britain are not immigrants from the Middle East, they're either from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or... Britain! A significant portion of Syrians belong to non-Muslim religions, much larger than the portion of British people who belong to non-Christian religions.

If you don't like Muslims, then I will turn your argument back on you and suggest you move to a country where there are even fewer than in the UK. Japan, maybe?

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What are those?

Speaking as a British person, my experiences of "3rd world Middle Eastern migrants" have been overwhelmingly positive.

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The best subreddit. The moderators are extremely good looking.