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Doesn’t he remove her tampon without her permission at one point in order to have sex with her? According to my lady friend that would hurt like hell not to mention be extremely degrading.

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As a fellow reader/writer of Smut. This is the AMA I’ve been waiting for!

1: How did you get started with being published? Is there a site or something? I’ve read that Inkitt produce many writers?

2: What’s your advice for writing good smut? Is IRL experience helpful?

3: What’s a good writing schedule? As someone who feels like there’s too much in a day to find the time, what’s your advice?

4: How do you go from an idea to the actual book? Do you plan it all out beforehand making adjustments as it goes or do you just write?

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I’ll ask a pretty boring question: Why choose Mojeek over Google/DuckDuckGo?

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What does he gain from lying?

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I too want to make games but I can’t draw or code. My power of imagination however is very strong. I can sit down an afternoon and come up with several concepts for games and stories before evening. Is there a place in game development for someone who just knows how to plan games?