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since anti-muslim sentiments played a huge role in the genocide, has the practice of islam changed in BiH because of the war? i know plenty of people in diaspora from ex-yugoslavia and while most croats and serbs seem to be very christian, no bosnian i know is religious at all. is that the same inside bosnia? zahvaliti

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username checks out

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Can one make high quality CBD oil at home? i know how to make THC butter, but would the same process make medicinal-grade CBD oil?

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will we get to a futuristic techno-utopia with AI, VR and other aconyms or die out fighting over whatever resources are left after a climate collapse?

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this may be out of your erxpertise, but can you describe the role special intrests played in the EU Parliaments decision to ratify the new copyright law? i think it's a weird one because there were big special interest groups on both sides of the argument. thanks a lot for your work!