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I mean, K4K is run by Hasidics for their schools, and its HQ is in...Lakewood, New Jersey.

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Why are colon cancer rates skyrocketing among young people? Also, what's the connection between Ashkenazi background and increased potentials for colon cancer?

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The Saudis are exporters of oil and terror and little else. However, because they're firmly in the Western Camp, their actions are always sanctioned, including kidnapping foreign heads of state.

The KSA's war in Yemen is much more destructive and objectively illegal than Russia's aggression in Ukraine, but one war gets a little attention, and one gets none.

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I could totally see you as a milkman. How's your Yiddish?

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In NYC, a single group of big-spending Saudis paid enough money in March that their single visit boosted the Trump Hotel into the black for the quarter. And in late 2016, we found, Saudi lobbyists paid for more than 500 rooms at Trump's hotel in the first four months after he was elected.

This is absolutely fucking wild. How can this be legal.