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Dr_Doctor_Doc3036 karma

Given your quasi fame - what about slapping together 2-3 you tube videos on how to get the most out of your vacuum?

We’ve got more than enough talent here to help you ‘tube it right with the right elements - might be worth a few hundred bucks

We can give the channel the ‘ol reddit hug probably...

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Anyone in North Texas a youtuber or know one?

You’d be surprised what 2-3 videos with a few thousand views can do...

Not suggesting it as a career, but you’ve got the goods -

✔️ subject matter expert ✔️ existing following / fan base ✔️ practical and useful knowledge ✔️ personable, articulate, and likable

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I’m gonna be a dick here and suggest that it was your job to double check his compliance with the rules.

Anytime a newbie is holding a firearm, you have to act as though they’re going to do the worst thing imaginable at all times.

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A very doctorish answer!

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“Dude, that was hilarious” would be a great epitaph / greeting in the great beyond.