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There are certain ingredients in cannabis that can influence the way cancer cells grow and develop by impacting proteins that drive these processes. There is increasing data to show cannabinoids are capable of disrupting some of these that drive cancer, as well as boosting others that are required to elicit an anticancer effect.

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True. However, it's not a simple yes or no question - these chemical may not defeat cancer on their own, but useful to enhance the actions of other drugs.

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The endocannabonoid system is a series of receptors and chemicals within the body that is involved with a variety of processes including pain relief, stress response etc. There are links between them and immunity and apoptosis. This is the reason why there may be a link between phytocannabinoids/cannabis and immunity, which means they can impact certain diseases.

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Hi John, insightful question! Whole plant extracts contain more chemicals than individual cannabinoids, and so would more likely have a bigger range of effects. Some of these chemicals are known to interact with each other and by doing so generate stronger effects. The flip would be these chemicals could interfere with each other, which is why I have focused on examining the effects individually first. But as for a specific effect on apoptosis - the process by which some cancer cells can die - I and others have shown mixing different cannabinoids may result in a greater effect compared to using them individually.