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DrTrintignant7 karma

I'm just sitting here, reading up about this, staring at letters and videos on a screen. Emotionally as far removed as can be. Still, my blood is boiling, my mind is racing, every muscle fiber feels rage and trembles.

You were there when these kids asked for help, told you about their fears and the abuse. How hard was it to control your emotions in these places? Did you ever (almost) lose composure i.e. when talking to the 'instructors'?

DrTrintignant5 karma

As a follow-up. I just read that tuition was a whopping 72 grand per year (blew my fucking mind) which is quite a lot of money.

Were these kids from (upper class) families who could afford it? Or were people going into huge loans for a bullshit re-education?

DrTrintignant5 karma

Is there a movie/series that represents mental illness and psych care accurately?

Alternatively, what movie/series has the most bullshit pseudoscience in terms of psychology? I'm talking '2012' levels of bullshit i.e. "the neutrons have mutated", or something similar.