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I work in DuPont, but live in Olympia - a Rainier lahar is one of my biggest concerns with an eruption as there's a traffic chokepoint through the Nisqually valley. How much advance notice would we have of a lahar, and would it be safer to stay in DuPont or attempt to reach home?

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Maybe because most of the questions are pretty trollish at worst and tone-deaf/insensitive at best. I mean one of the questions she did answer was a dude asking about whether she brought boys home, and when she actually answered, they were like "No disrespect intended, just a funny scenario to imagine." I mean, they probably weren't trying to be jerks, but calling her situation "funny" is pretty tone-deaf.

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From what I've heard, Mt. St. Helens continues to be one of the riskier volcanoes in the area, but living near Rainier...that thing is just scary big. How big a risk does Rainier pose and what's the best estimate on when it'll next erupt?

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Who is that poor American you walked 4,500 miles across?! Are they still alive?


Seriously though - would love to know the logistics of how a person would do this. Do you have family? How did you condition for this and avoid repetitive stress injuries? How did you afford to do this (most folks can't focus on walking for 322 days)?

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This. I'm generally not a fan of loot boxes in games mainly because of the risk of reinforcing really bad habits with kids, but it is definitely a slippery slope because there are lots of elements of gambling in society going all the way back to Cracker Jack boxes. Where the line should be drawn should probably be determined by philosophers, psychologists, and lawyers working together to make sure the line is drawn just before it contributes to psychological disorders that ruin peoples' lives.