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Bees are cute and helpful. Wasps are dicks. You did the right thing.

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If you do end up directing Step Brothas, please switch your character credit with Don Cheadle's. That way not even IMDB can resolve an argument about which of you is which.

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Hi Martin!

I've wondered for a long time about how VR and AR can be made more accessible as learning tools, particularly for educational institutions and nonprofits. What resources are there to help get 3D learning tools in the hands of teachers and students? How can these tools be used broadly in classtooms, libraries, museums, etc, and what advantages do these media have over traditional media for teaching both kids and adults?

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Ugh I know you're right, but my hand still itches from a sting I got more than a week ago, which swelled up my hand like somebody blew into a latex glove. Wasps are dicks. So is my immune system, but still, wasps are dicks.

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A hotdog is not even open-face. Like a hoagie or a sub, it is meat sandwiched in bread. It has all the elements of a sandwich, and is therefore a sandwich.