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Hey we got ourselves a thinker here!

Bingo! "Not for profit" doesn't mean somebody isn't making money.

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I would suggest you seek different opinions in your medical treatment. You obviously have damaged something and it's not getting better, potentially getting worse, if not probably getting worse. Have you sough other opinions or neuro specialists?

I truly can't imagine such significant damage to any area of the brain that wasn't visible through a variety of imaging and tests.

You're reported symptoms also clearly indicate which area(s) of the brain are damaged. Additionally, the worsening of a speech impairment due to an external brain injury just screams red flags all over. From a slow bleed to any number of contusion/growing pressure related issues.

A year is a very long time for recovery, the fact you've gotten worse is indicative of an on going problem. Not an isolated problem that is past and you are recovering from. Point in case, you are getting worse, not recovering.

Get to some quality docs and get whatever it is fixed. Obviously it's not getting better on it's own and simply coping out to a "syndrome" title is not the answer.

How about a change in language that promotes active seeking of quality care?

You have an undiagnosed brain injury that is getting progressively worse. Not "post concussion syndrome".

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Like I suggested, seek out more then 1 or 2 opinions. Doctors, even the best, are just humans doing a job. You can show the same scan to 5 different guys and maybe none of them catch the problem. Or 3 our of 5. Not to mention science of the brain is very, very young.

A second or third set of eyes on a problem almost always opens doors.

It should not be trial and error. You are a human. Not a lab rat. Find the problem first, locate it, identify it, then identify possible treatments. Since you haven't identified the problem, you're still on step one.

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Most banned author? When I was in highschool F. 451 and 1984 was banned from our library and campus. Are you saying your books have been shunned from public school at that level? Or more? More so then Hitler's Mein Kampf? (also banned book for public highschools in many areas)

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Now you are getting to the more interesting issue. The answer is more obvious then you may think - "they" (the government or collective enterprise of)know two things for certain:

  1. People might get mad, but it doesn't matter. It's still nothing compared, not even close, to previous protests about other issues. And even in those cases, those protests did pretty much nothing.

  2. And perhaps the more important point:

You attention is being diverted in a major way. Every time the government wants to do something rather large, they use rather large diversions. Given #1, it's safe to assume this whole issue is a large diversion for some reason.

What that reason is? Your guess is as good as mine.

However, what's not a guess is that those in power know exactly what they are doing. Exactly in the literal sense of the word. The government pretty much owns everything technology, from the physical lines transmitting the data, to the laws that bind the companies, to the ability to issue a permit to do business in a given city or state. They are not worried about the piss ants like you and me, a million people could march on Washington and it doesn't phase them. Just maybe causes some PR adjustments.

You use the term "self destructive", revisit points 1 and 2 again:

The government is growing, technology is growing, their (the collective government military industrial complex) income is growing, peoples dependence on technology for everyday life is growing, the technology is growing!

Every where you look it's a new breakthrough, new growth and new technology that pretty much everyone is jumping at. From the lines at the store when a new phone comes out to the pre orders of the newest gaming consoles.

One might just posit that public surveillance, (which has been going on for decades now and everyone WILLINGLY participates in, credit cards, store clubs, etc), really isn't that big of a problem. The issue has been more the demonetization of one particular surveillance entity, the "government", and actually it's only a very specific section at that, the NSA. When in reality, we are all guilty of watching and reporting - is not this site made up mostly of peoples pictures of OTHER PEOPLE, often unknown to the subject of the picture, posted and commented on by a the public?

Reddit must be the hub of more public surveillance, and the results of, by the public, then any other single entity in the world.

Since we're all doing it. It's been going on since it's been possible. We are all willing and enabling many companies and organizations to catalog the habits of the public.

The question is, why all the attention on 1 specific faction of 1 government that is doing it as well? More to the point...

Why the distraction, and from what?