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How mercurial was the decline in quality of snacks available as the site started tanking?

Like was it all free pizza and donuts during v2 and by the end of v4 it was saltines and that shitty witch candy people throw out at Halloween?

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I can't help but feel that a wolf would act very similar to how my Shiba Inu acts. Almost everything you described there sounds like how they behave.

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Do you think the markets still serve their original purpose, to allow people to invest in the longterm wellbeing/health of an organization, or do you think it's strictly now about fast and easy money for the already wealthy and powerful?

If you lean towards the latter, how do you think we can correct it?

Would a completely non-automated secondary market be feasible?

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Fucking Kevin. Always suspected that guy was secretly manipulating the world's economy for his own gain, but could never really put my finger on why.

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Lets get down to brass tacks here.

Will your fake computer brain beat Watson on Jeopardy or not?