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4th of July tends to be one of the worst days of the year for dogs.

Your idea to take him in to the basement is a great one. Trying to get pets in to a quiet space to muffle the sound as well as having background white noise.

You can use the radio and/or TV turned up fairly loud to drown out the sound. Also, just being with your pet helps them to feel comfortable

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Yes, this would be a great thing to speak with your vet about! Noise fears/phobias are one of the most common fears in dogs and I do typically recommend treatment so they aren't living in fear. Nothing in life is without side effects, but also consider withholding treatment also has a side effect which is living in fear.

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Yes, gabapentin is a very interesting drug because on the veterinary side it can be used for pain, as well as an anti-seizure medication, and also can be effective for anxiety.

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There are many different medications we can use for pet anxiety based on what their issue is. Some of the more common medications are fluoxetine (dog prozac), clomipramine, gabapentin, and trazadone, though there are more that are out there. Many dogs and cats can take them for long term safely, but this is something that needs to be discussed with your vet.

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Congrats on the new dog!

If he is chewing on the furniture he may be looking for something to do and may be able to get redirected to chewing on a more high value chew toy.

If there are other signs of anxiety when you are gone, this may need to be addressed through medications to help ease their stress when you aren't home.