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Hey I'm a GI doctor. You may need to be manually disimpacted. You can go to a doctor's office/urgent care for help or you could try it yourself. You need a glove and some lube. You just try and dig out the hard stool that plugs up your rear end. I have scooped several cupfuls of hard stool out before it gets soft enough that a patient can push it out on their own. PM me if questions.

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Well my work is done here. Back to the bowels of the hospital...

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If you could draw me disimpacting someone it would make my year.

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It would have been an EKG (also called ECG). An EEG is to look at brainwaves.

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I'm glad it came out ok (pun intended). You may want to look for a new primary though. If you go more than three or four days without a bm you may want to take some citrate of magnesia or a bunch of miralax. Don't let it get too bad, otherwise you could end up plugged up again.