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I am not a fan of organic fertilizers. I should record a video with my thoughts about this. In my opinion organic agriculture is not always good the for environment, and it is not always good for human health. Other than that, Organic is great for recycling wastes back to gardens and farm. This recycling can save the planet!

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High efficacy (the technical term for efficiency) is more important than spectrum. High efficacy means more light and less heat! Spectrum shapes the plant, but high light increases yield.

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Thanks for all of the comments. I am inspired to do a video describing my thoughts on this. Organic agriculture is an excellent principle because of recycling, but I do not like prohibiting the use of pharmaceuticals for plants any more than pharmaceuticals for people.

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this is a good but the answer is complex. We use media with peat to help buffer pH changes. And because our tap water is high bicarbonate, we use an acidifying fertilizer (higher fraction of ammonium ion). This fertilizer is pH 2.8 in our concentrate tank and it reduces the tap water pH from 7.8 to 6.8. This helps, but we further reduce pH with a separate acid injector. This is not always necessary, but it helps to control the media pH.

Here is an important point: Big commercial growers of ornamental crops (30 to 100 acres under glass) often use only ONE fertilizer for all of their crops. We also use only one fertilizer for the many crops in the Utah State University Research Greenhouses. Cannabis is mostly unique because of a higher demand for P during flowering.

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Yes, Mylar is an effective reflector of photosynthetic photons, and it work well in citrus because many of the photons hit the ground. However, In a more closed cannabis canopy only a few photons hit the ground--- so Mylar would be less effective in cannabis.