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Fire starter


aqua tabs

Bright ribbon (probably dont need 6 yards, cut that)

Signal mirror (linked a compass w/ mirror because a compass is very useful as well)

Weatherproof light Not sure what he's on about with 'streamlight clip', but a decent headlamp is good.



Put together your own little first aid kit. Keep it small (so you'll actually take it). Making your own ensures you know what it contains and how to use everything.

Emergency /Reflective Blanket That brand makes nice emergency blankets. Very durable.

Edit: thanks for the gold, silver, kind words everyone. Also want to add a good whistle. I'd put this right up with emergency blanket. Super cheap, super light, super effective (doesn't need to be this particular brand though). Fox40 whistle

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Please stop. 6th sense is still a recent movie and you are still a kid and I'm not old.

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 if (comment.text == "First Post") {

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<Influx of replies about the incorrect usage of evolution>

Just messing with ya though, I'm drunk.