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It's called palliative chemotherapy

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The first day I ever worked on the stroke service, I had a 24 year old patient come in three days after a chiropractic manipulation of his neck with a massive stroke in his brainstem (which was caused by a vertebral artery dissection, which itself was assuredly caused by the extreme neck manipulations performed on the patient earlier that week). He is crippled now and will likely never walk again or live on his own without assistance, thanks to his decision to see an alternative medicine therapist. Personally, I don't ever plan on referring a patient to a chiropractor.

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For those who aren't aware, the study of chiropractic is vested in vitalism. It is a pseudoscience and it has virtually no foundation in evidence based medicine, except in certain rare cases for lower back pain.

Please make good use of your famed reddit scrutiny and skepticism when reading the replies made by the OP to defend alternative medicine.

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