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What is "illegal and contrary to our laws"? Can you be more specific and cite the law?

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I'm an expat and have lived in a number of countries that do not have birthright citizenship. For example, someone from South Korea comes to America and has a child. That child is instantly a citizen of the US. If a US citizen gives birth in Korea they must present the child to immigration for a visa. No citizenship is automatically granted even if the child grows up in Korea and has never lived in another country.

Is it true that most countries of the world do not have birthright citizenship? Why shouldn't Congress re-evaluate the idea of birthright citizenship if most other countries do not practice the idea?

As a side note, I am planning to bring my foreign-born wife to America. It took us 10 years to raise the capital so that I can sponsor her visa. The alternative was to be without my wife for 6-12 months while I worked in the US. I do not support birthright citizenship or having illegal immigration as a path to citizenship. It isn't fair to make some work so hard for legal citizenship while granting amnesty to those who do not follow the law.